5 technology trends changing the world

While some tech trends come and go, here’s some of the latest technology trends changing the world

Technology has been part of the day to day life of human beings since time immemorial. From the invention of the wheel, right through to the telephone and Virtual Reality, technology continues to impact the world we live in. How far it will advance is anyone’s guess – and no doubt the topic on many a think-tank’s agenda.

Although not all technology is here to stay and proves to be little more than a fad, some tech trends have such a profound effect on the planet, they quite literally change the way we work, live and play. While the following is far from an exhaustive list, here’s a few of the latest technology trends that have, or will, change the world.

The power of computers

There’s no denying computer technology has changed the very fabric of modern society. Computers are all around us with almost every device fitted with a computer of some description. The mobile phones we rely on every day to the washer/dryer combo that, with the press of a button, will have your dirty clothes cleaned and dried within 90 minutes. All are made possible by the power of computers. It sounds like something out of the old ‘60s The Jetsons cartoon, doesn’t it? And yet, here we are.

It’s been estimated that, between the mid 1960’s and 2015, computing power doubled once every two years. What came to be known as Moore’s Law no longer holds true and computing technology has slowed. However, while it may have slowed, it’s not stopped, It’s evolving with the next game changer being quantum computing.

Fun fact: George Jetson will be born on July 31, 2022. When The Jetsons premiered in 1962, it was about a family living 100 years into the future. If George was 40 years old in 2062, he was born in 2022.

Smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT)

We’re surrounded by smart technology, from the TV’s in our loungerooms to the watches on our arms. These all form part of the Internet of Things, or IoT. Here’s a great definition of IoT:

‘The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects – things – that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet. These devices range from ordinary household objects to sophisticated industrial tools.’

Experts predict by 2025, there’ll be more than 22 billion IoT connected devices with each and every one of those 22 billion connections collecting, collating and cross-referencing all that data. One very good reason why data protection is so very important.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

If you want to divide a room while talking about the latest technology trends, start talking about the rise of Artificial Intelligence, or AI. Thanks in no small part to some highly entertaining but equally fanciful Hollywood movies, many people are concerned about the moment in time when AI will become the dominant force on the planet.

Coupled with advances in computing technology and the mind-boggling amounts of data available, AI is moving along at such a rapid pace, it can learn and process with ever increasing accuracy. Used for things such as facial recognition and driverless cars, AI is in the palm of our hands and our homes. Siri or Alexa, anyone?

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer generated environment, appearing so real to users, they feel they’re part of the virtual world around them. Using a combination of software and hardware, the Virtual Reality world is accessed many ways, including a VR headset or helmet or via an app. Until now, VR has been most closely associated with games and gaming, but the technology is also being used in other industries.

Retail – fancy a new floor rug but not sure what style or colour will work best in your home? Want to buy some make up but not sure which shade will suit you best? All you need is your smart phone and you’re good to go.

Healthcare – not only can medical professionals train, study and even plan complicated surgeries, mental health professionals can offer help to those who need the safety of their own home to treat their issue and begin healing.

Education and Learning – while the pandemic brought remote learning into the homes of school aged children across the globe, it also exposed some weaknesses. With working and learning from home a genuine (and in many cases preferred) option now, VR is simply the next step in the learning evolution.  

The cloud

Without a doubt, the most accessible and useful technology trend is the cloud. Although at this stage, it’s moved beyond a mere trend, it has undoubtedly changed the world. Work, school and even home are all within reach from anywhere in the world via the cloud.

Want to switch your smart heater on while you’re on the train coming home from work on a cold winter’s night? Travelling the country and want to do some work while you’re on the road? All things are possible with the cloud.

Using technology for business growth isn’t anything new. You can even move your entire business into the cloud, giving you access from anywhere at any time. Not sure how to do this safely and securely? The IT Agency will not only help get your business set up in the cloud, but we also offer ongoing support.

Like the fact a fictional character from a childhood cartoon is due to be born sometime this month, the latest technology trends can slip by almost unnoticed. And while that’s how many are designed, it’s up to you to protect your business from those who would use technology in more nefarious ways.

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