The importance of data protection for your business

With so much private and personal information being stored digitally, data protection has never been more important. When you think of business data protection, big corporations or large businesses who store masses of personal customer information might come to mind. As a consumer yourself, you may deal with their security processes as you access your […]

Ways you can use technology for business growth

If you’re not using technology to grow your business, you’re going to be left behind Technology is all around us. From the smart phones we carry in our pockets to the self-driving cars being put through their paces across the globe, there’s no denying technology is now part of our day to day lives. No […]

5 technology trends changing the world

While some tech trends come and go, here’s some of the latest technology trends changing the world Technology has been part of the day to day life of human beings since time immemorial. From the invention of the wheel, right through to the telephone and Virtual Reality, technology continues to impact the world we live […]

Why engaging employees can improve business productivity

Strategies to improve business productivity should start with boosting employee engagement. Employee engagement is crucial for any business. From the small business employing just a few people to the largest companies in the world, engaged employees can help improve business productivity. In fact, recent research by Deloitte found ‘improving worker engagement can produce bottom line benefits for […]

Hybrid Working

This time a couple of years ago, how many businesses were seriously considering downsizing their offices? How many business leaders truly believed that a work-from-home model (WFH) could be appropriate for their organisation? In fact, how many individual employees within the workforce thought it could be a sustainable way of them working? Probably most of […]

Microsoft Surface New Products 2021 2022

Microsoft recently announced a pair of interesting new additions to their Surface series of devices, accompanying updated and upgraded versions of some old favourites within the range. All of this new and revitalised hardware is designed to work harmoniously with the newly released Windows 11 operating system to enhance the user experience.   New Surface […]

Windows 11 Upgrading Help & Release Date

Windows 11 Release Date Windows 11 was release on 5 th October 2021, combining new design, sounds and improved user experience for increased productivity and creativity. What happens on release day? Users operating an eligible Windows 10 device can access a free upgrade to Windows 11. Devices pre-loaded with Windows 11 will be on available […]

Understanding the Not For Profit (NFP) Sector

The IT Agency understands the significant challenges faced by organisations operating within the NFP sector. We currently partner with many NFP organisations to provide quality IT Services through both ad-hoc and managed service contract arrangements, as suits their individual requirements. Our expertise helps NFP organisations overcome challenges, including: Managing complex member relationships Monitoring service levels […]

MS Productivity Score – An informative bit of software

MS Productivity Score – an informative bit of software that, since 2019, comes as standard within MS Office 365; is it a useful management tool for improving organisational productivity and effectiveness, or does it represent workplace surveillance by stealth? A Laudable Intention Microsoft promotes Productivity Score as a means of supporting an organisation’s “journey to […]