COVID-19 – ICT Support

COVID-19 is forcing many of us to Work from Home (WFH) for the duration of the crisis.  You’ll understand we are working with a great number of clients, all requiring some form of remote access for their staff – and everyone wanting it yesterday.  We ask for your patience as we process your request as quickly as we can.

Helping keep you connected, protected and productive throughout the emergency period, The IT Agency (TITA) recommends a variety of optional solutions depending on how you currently access your data files.

Local Server or Network Attached Storage Device

If your data files are stored on a local server or network attached storage device (NAS) you can easily use our remote desktop service to access your office desktop from remote locations.

You’ll simply require access to a computer, with a web browser – used to establish a remote session.

Note: The office computers used for remote access must remain ON at all times – otherwise they will not be able to connect.

Caution: Does the home computer have a business grade anti-virus application? You can have your office anti-virus installed on your home machine for protection. Please raise a service request for each machine where this is required.


  • No access fee for clients on our Premium Service Agreement
  • All other clients subject to a monthly service fee of $20 (ex gst) per user (can be cancelled when the service is no longer required)
  • No fee for running SOPHOS anti-virus on the home machine, provided that’s what’s on the office machine; any other anti-virus must be approved and will attract a fee (to be determined). In all cases there is an applicable setup fee to get everything sorted

Note: Moving your data into the cloud is a major project that requires budget, planning and education – it’s not something that we can achieve in the short term.

SharePoint / Teams / OneDrive

You have a laptop and your business data is already hosted in SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive.

Take the laptop home and work as per normal.

Caution: Your only concern may be accessing a home printer if it hasn’t been setup.

Staff have no access to a home computer

Your staff have an office desktop but no home computer of any sort.

Your choices for each user in this position are:

  • Request TITA to source a business grade computer (laptop or desktop) and setup for home use
  • Authorise your employee to take their desktop home for the duration of isolation

We’re here to help

Our helpdesk phone number is only for emergencies or call backs – all other requests must be sent to the Help Desk by email or via the dedicated ITSupport panel.  Your cooperation is appreciated as we assist everyone through these challenging times.