Microsoft Teams For All Communication Needs

Are you using Microsoft Teams within your organisation? If you answered ‘yes’, did your organisation adopt MS Teams as a result of Covid-19?  It’s quite likely.

The IT Agency has embraced MS Teams for all our communication needs – telephone calls and video conferencing.  All our landlines, associated handsets and cables are redundant and have been completely disconnected … to reappear as interesting oddities in a technology museum sometime in 2025.

We still operate the same phone numbers, of course, so calling us remains the same for all clients.  At our end though things are very different.  No longer tied to a physical, deskbound device, any of our staff can take a call on whatever device they happen to be working on – smartphone, tablet, laptop – wherever they happen to be.  That should result in faster service to clients with less missed calls and resultant need for call-back.

MS Teams also helps with inter- and intra-office communication.  Particularly useful now we’ve set up a new, dedicated support team for ad hoc and casual clients (read more about that exciting new customer service development in a separate article).  The support staff aren’t based at our Belrose headquarters, but at a satellite office in North Sydney.  MS Teams negates the physical distance and ensures all staff, regardless of location, remain completely connected with their colleagues in face-to-face discussion to ensure our client service goes from strength to strength.

This product is about more than just communication though, it can be used for screen sharing, file sharing and remote control, along with workflow and application integration.  We’ll cover these capabilities in a future article.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to know more about how MS Teams can help your business productivity, call our The IT Agency team – we’re waiting, somewhere, to hear from you.