Increased IT Support Staffing Levels

Upbeat End to a Difficult Year

As this challenging year draws to a close, everyone here at The IT Agency would like to thank each of our valued clients for supporting our business and continuing to trust us with fulfilling your assorted IT services requirements.

Despite unforeseen demands placed on our operations throughout the ongoing global pandemic, we were determined to provide improved client service levels across the board, but specifically targeting our operational and support functions.

Increased Staffing Levels

To improve service request turnaround times and increase customer satisfaction we’ve grown our team significantly.

Tim and Ian are on hand to deal with standard operational requirements.  Arsh, David, Scott, Rob and Don bring their expertise to supporting clients and resolving any technical issues you may have.

What’s New?

Operating since Thursday 1st October 2020, these highly skilled technicians are assigned service requests submitted by email or phone.

The way you contact us hasn’t changed at all.

Our preference is that you email [email protected] for technical support issues, or [email protected] if you require subscription changes.

The only difference you’ll notice is that when calling our office number – (02) 8317 4730 – you’ll be prompted to ‘Press 2 for support’ and then be given a further choice of either:

  • Press 1 – for Pre-Paid Managed Service Agreement (MSA)
  • Press 2 – for Casual/Ad-hoc support plan

When submitting a service request via email ([email protected], you’ll receive an automatic response logging your request and listing both:

  • Your company’s name
  • The type of support you’ll receive, i.e. MSA or Ad-hoc/Casual

In the almost three months our new support technicians have been operating there has been a substantial improvement in turnaround and resolution times for clients.

Ring in the New Year

The IT Agency looks forward to a mutually successful 2021 in partnership with you.  Our improved capacity for servicing clients will help make your IT experience even smoother – whatever surprises the new year brings.

Have a great festive season and don’t hesitate to email, or call us on (02) 8317 4730, to discuss any IT issues or requirements.  See you in 2021.