Phishing Email – Not from eFax

Today’s Phishing experience is brought to you by ‘Not from eFax’.

Let’s work through the highlighted fields to show why this is a ‘fake’ email and deserves nothing but the delete key:
​Name of the sender is shown as and the email address is shown as
The correct format for an efax email is your fax number then the efax domain, e.g. 0299999999@efaxsend,com
Next, the email is flagged as ‘Possible Spam’ on the Subject line.
When you hover your mouse over the ‘here’ option it displays the following website
Neither the email address nor the website have any association with eFax.
Our SPAM filter also displays the sender details as
Finally, the email recipient doesn’t have a eFax account

If you are receiving lots of SPAM or Phishing emails and require assistance call us on 1300 872727 or visit our contacts page.