RIP – Windows 7

Are any of your computers running Windows 7? If the answer is yes, then January 14th, 2020 should be looming large in your mind.

Microsoft will end support for Windows 7 on that date – a development which could have a significant negative impact on your business IT environment.

After January 14th your operating system will receive:

  • No Security
  • No Updates
  • No Support
  • No Compliance

End of Support quite literally means no further security fixes or vulnerability patches will be made available for PCs running Windows 7, potentially exposing your systems and networks to severe risk – risk that will only increase with each passing day.

Microsoft themselves recommend anyone still using Windows 7 should, as a minimum, consider upgrading their machine(s) to Windows 10 – Microsoft’s latest, most powerful and secure operating system, offering an array of features designed for all types of businesses and organisations, including education.

Of course, if you are running Windows 7 then your physical hardware is most likely very old and correspondingly slow. Replacing it with a newer, faster, improved, environmentally compatible machine configured with the latest operating system – Windows 10 – brings increased productivity along with energy efficiency savings.

Windows 10 is a robust, stable, reliable platform now in its 9th version, bringing a host of benefits, including:

  • Intelligent security – Protecting against threats and attacks
  • Simplified updates – Monthly updates guarantee the latest features and protection
  • Flexible management – On-premises or cloud-based device management
  • Enhanced productivity – Modern tools and features aiding collaboration and efficiency
  • Simplicity and familiarity – Reflecting and enhancing the Windows 7 operating system users know and love

Support for Windows 7 is ending 14th January 2020. Now is your last chance to get ROI on your equipment before it becomes e-waste.

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