Running your business from home

Everyone is now looking for options to run their business from home but is your home computer up to the task or do you need a new computer.

Let’s break down the options so you don’t get disappointed.

Do you want to be able to take your computer with you?

If you want to travel (in the future) or move around the house then you probably want a laptop.
Otherwise you only require a desktop.

What operating system is recommended?

Despite working from home you should still use a business grade computer.
Therefore, Windows 10 Professional is the minimum recommendation.

What’s the minimum hardware specifications?

Unless you’re a power user a Windows 10 computer with an Intel i5 CPU or equivalent will be fast enough and save you some money.
The minimum recommendation is 8GB RAM and 256 GB storage on a Solid State Drive (SSD).

How many monitors are recommended?

Dual monitors are 20% more efficient than a single monitor. Whereas most desktops support dual monitors, laptops often need a docking station to support dual monitors.

What screen resolution is recommended?

You don’t want a screen resolution less than full High Definition (1920 x 1080). More activity is being done with online apps via a web browser so the higher the screen resolution the better.

What other accessories would be useful?

If you plan on using Teams to make Video and Audio calls, with colleagues and external clients, then it is handy to have a headset (speakers and microphone), or personal/conference speakerphone and optional webcam (affordable models are currently rarer than toilet paper). Most notebooks can use their built-in microphone, speakers and webcam and act as a speakerphone. If you are working from home with other family members a headset may be more convenient to prevent cross talk and background noise.

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Whatever your requirements The IT Agency will work with you to source an appropriate computer and accessories for your home office.