COVID-19 Video conferencing security issues

The Coronavirus-inspired upsurge in employees Working from Home has generated a massive increase in the number of ‘team meetings’ conducted via one of the many proprietary Video Conferencing applications available – e.g. Zoom, Webex and MS Teams, among others. Video Conferencing has been around for long enough that many, if not most, users will already […]

COVID-19 increases remote access risks

Working from Home (WFH), also referred to as ‘remote working’, has proved to be an essential tool in the global struggle to contain the spread of COVID-19.  However, the sharp rise in remote working has brought with it a surge in network vulnerabilities as connections are made across unprotected links. For WFH to succeed, several […]

Security warning about Smart TVs

We've all survived the Black Friday and Cyber Monday super sales where some of the big-ticket items are Smart TVs. The FBI just released a warning that your new toy may be a cyber criminal's best friend. Smart TVs typically include internet streaming, cameras, microphones and other advanced technologies allowing the manufacturer or app developers to snoop on you. Malicious cyber actors may be able to take control of your unsecured TV. Low risk ac..

Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day 30th of November 2017 Christmas is just around the corner which means our concentration levels are lower than normal. It's also the time of the year when holiday fraud increases. The main source of fraud is online scams via emails that attempt to fool you into believing you have a tax refund, or an unpaid invoice. These emails can also look like they are from a bank or a utility company. When you click on the link you downlo...