Windows 10 2004 is coming

Now in May, Microsoft is preparing to release its Windows 10, 2004 update. This change will soon be accessible to all Windows 10 devices, via the Windows Update.   While this is considered a modest compared to previous releases, there are still several significant advancements from the last version of Windows 10. Providing an overview, here is a summary of the key changes and what you can expect:   Cortana   Microsoft is rebranding […]

RIP – Windows 7

Are any of your computers running Windows 7? If the answer is yes, then January 14 th , 2020 should be looming large in your mind. Microsoft will end support for Windows 7 on that date – a development which could have a significant negative impact on your business IT environment. After January 14 th your operating system will receive: No Security No Updates No Support No Compliance End of Support quite literally means no further security fixes or...