Understanding the Not For Profit (NFP) Sector

The IT Agency understands the significant challenges faced by organisations operating within the NFP sector.

We currently partner with many NFP organisations to provide quality IT Services through both ad-hoc and managed service contract arrangements, as suits their individual requirements.

Our expertise helps NFP organisations overcome challenges, including:

  • Managing complex member relationships
  • Monitoring service levels
  • Systems Integration
  • Cybersecurity and Data Protection
  • Securing best deals from trusted IT suppliers

Benefits to our NFP partners include:

  • Improved communication with members
  • Better informed decision making Enhanced service to members
  • Greater interaction and collaboration with members
  • Increased automation of labour-intensive tasks e.g. subscriptions, payments, appeals, enquiries and complaints
  • Value-added IT services ensuring member contributions work harder

Access these NFP benefits today. A phone call is all it takes to get our value-added IT Services working on behalf of your NFP organisation. 

Call us on (02) 83174730 to discuss how together we can make your contributions more effective.a