Windows 10 2004 is coming

Now in May, Microsoft is preparing to release its Windows 10, 2004 update. This change will soon be accessible to all Windows 10 devices, via the Windows Update.  

While this is considered a modest compared to previous releases, there are still several significant advancements from the last version of Windows 10. Providing an overviewhere is a summary of the key changes and what you can expect:  


Microsoft is rebranding Cortana to a ‘personal productivity assistant’. From now on, Microsoft will focus on integrating Cortana into Microsoft 365 workflows. 

Furthermore, Cortana will now be a standalone app and when the icon is clicked in the taskbar, she will open as a separate window, like a regular app.  

Windows Search 

In the bottom search UI, Microsoft added a selection of ‘Quick Searches’, which help you discover up-to-date information from the web. Quick Search includes links to the current weather, news, and other information relevant to daily life.  

Also, a visual search button is now present on the Windows Search page which enables users to reverse image search; a feature that has previously been present in Bing for several years. By clicking the visual search button on the Windows Search page, you can snip a section of your screen, which it will then use to find similar images online. 

Apps and Features  

Revamped app icons are being rolled out along with the ability to pin smaller versions of apps to the top of the windows search section. The purpose is to allow for easier access and reduce time spent searching for apps needed regularly.  

In addition, Task Manager will see a new feature added with the availability of a temperature check for your graphics card. This will appear in the performance tab under the GPU. Although, you can only see this if your PC has dedicated graphics. 

Windows Settings 

Windows Settings will see some new updates, namely Network and Internet will display a revamped design depicting the networks currently connected to your PC. From there, you can view data usage and set data limits for individual networks 

Finally, there will be the option to change how user’s login. Until now, the password option was always displayed on the lock screen in addition to other sign-in methods you’ve set up. In Windows 10 2004, you can now disable password login from the lock screen, requiring only a Windows Hello PIN, face, or fingerprint unlocks to sign in. You can configure these settings by navigating to Accounts > Sign-in options 

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