Windows 10 version 1909

Microsoft quietly released its 9th version of Windows 10 on 12th November 2019. We refer to it as Windows 10 1909 or build 18363.

The IT Agency has been running this version since the day of release to ensure that it doesn’t create any unexpected issues.

If you are running the previous release Windows 10 1903 build 18362, then your machine will receive the new version as a cumulative update, like Microsoft’s standard monthly updates. Microsoft hopes this new process will be faster to apply and less intrusive.

However, if you aren’t running the previous version then the upgrade will download and install a FULL Windows 10 re-installation.

Version 1909 is a minor update with improvements in notifications, battery life, and processors.
Click here for a full list of changes in version 1909.

How do I know what version I am running?


Press the Windows key + R (RUN command box options), type WINVER and click OK.
WINVER will display a box like this:

How can I upgrade to Windows 10 1909?

  1. The IT Agency will ‘push’ the upgrade to our Managed Service clients through the remote monitoring agent
  2. The IT Agency will ‘push’ the upgrade to our Managed Service clients using Microsoft Intune policies, depending on your Office 365 subscription
  3. PAYG clients can run the Windows Update option (click START -> SETTINGS -> Update and Security)
  4. Use this link to run the official Microsoft installer: just follow the prompts
  5. E-mail the requesting assistance

Note: Installation time is greatly affected by your internet download speed and the performance /age of your machine.

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