The IT Agency’s business-grade Managed IT Support and associated services allow you to focus on your core business, safe in the knowledge that all your IT requirements are being managed – 24/7; issues fixed or prevented, ensuring data security and compliance, monitoring your systems and keeping your IT budgets under control by:

  • Business your way – applying critical security patches and upgrades to all computers operating across multiple locations, including 3rd-party applications; telecommuting; Bring Your Own Device (BYOD); Cloud Computing solutions. The IT Agency provides flexibility in your IT network so that it runs best for you
  • Competitive edge – Managed IT Support offers rapid access to the latest technologies and expertise, bringing years of experience to management of your IT assets, increasing your ability to start new projects immediately, keeping ahead of your competitors
  • Increasing efficiency – system downtime, slow servers, desktop computers and laptops running inefficiently = loss of productivity, wasting your time and money. Managed IT Support ensures continuous operation of your IT infrastructure – all taken care of for you, allowing you to get on with business
  • Reducing overheads – less in-house IT staff required; Managed IT Support lets you budget effectively, only paying for the IT support that you need, when you need it
  • Reducing risk – our trained, qualified, certified and highly experienced technicians proactively manage security and risk for you, minimising risks associated with maintaining client data, credit card numbers, sensitive competitive information and compliance with federal and industry standards
  • Rest easy – our Managed IT Support service operates 24/7, continuously monitoring your systems, performing backups, upgrades and maintenance while you sleep and without interrupting your business