The IT Agency’s expert IT Network Relocation service includes design, installation and implementation of personal area networks (PANs) and local area networks (LANs) for relocations involving a single site or across multiple sites, and includes:

  • Data cabling
  • Domain Name management
  • Hardware
  • Network design
  • Network installation
  • Network ‘road test’ and initialisation
  • Remote (temporary) email server
  • Server cabinets and rack units
  • Software
  • System audits
  • Virus vulnerability audit

Relax – we handle the whole process from start to finish, letting you attend to business. Following our well proven and fully documented procedure, we safely shutdown the current network – ensuring no data is lost or equipment is damaged – then commission the new network and monitor its performance.

Stay informed – our system audit provides a snapshot of current IT network performance, informing decisions on how best to utilise available assets in the new location. We’ll identify security threats and vulnerabilities, outdated and non-competitive hardware and software, compliance with federal or industry specific requirements, and power supply usage issues and risk of outages.

Minimal downtime – we work with you to minimise downtime and ensure you maintain contact with clients and business partners throughout the relocation process. This may involve relocating your (email) server at Friday’s close of business and getting it running immediately at the new site; alternatively, we can provide a temporary 4G connection, host your server or even redirect your email to a holding platform to maintain your email access. Walk out on Friday, walk back in on Monday – and get straight to work.

Ease-of-use – custom designed to suit the end-user and the layout of the new office environment, the network will be flexible and manageable. Servers will be located in a ventilated, fire safe and lockable area; other hardware/software – network switch, firewall, desktop PC’s, laptops, audio-visual equipment, printers and scanners – will be installed to best advantage.

Save money – swift and seamless relocation of the IT network; new network operating at optimum speed and performance for maximum productivity and business performance. We examine each asset within the relocating network, testing functionality and performance, looking for unnecessary software and applications slowing down your system, examining power costs of older equipment, identifying outdated software and hardware vulnerable to security threat and devising solutions to improve the overall functionality of your IT assets.