The IT Agency’s business-grade Communication Solutions combine voice, data, video conferencing, wireless, instant messaging and many other business critical communication tools and applications, providing:

  • Access anywhere – at home, with a client, in airports and hotels; anywhere you’ve got a broadband connection, with new phone technology you can access your office phone on the move
  • Better business – combining all your communications – voice, data and video – in a cost-effective, easy to use, feature-rich solution helping you do business more efficiently
  • Flexibility – fully scalable voice and data solutions that grow with your business
  • Improved communication – full access to voicemail, caller ID, video conferencing, call forwarding and long distance connections enable better customer service, increased productivity and collaboration, and speedier decision-making
  • Reduced costs – phones and internet on the same network, reducing network management and operational costs and providing lower-cost long-distance calls, both nationally and internationally
  • VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol for high-quality, low-cost phone-calls over the internet